Bloomberg and Finansgruppen are currently offering NHH students the chance to take the Bloomberg Aptitude Test FREE of charge! The Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) is a tool designed to help you gain insights to your strengths and weaknesses as relative to a career in business or finance, with the option of showcasing your abilities to a range of over 25,000 employers from around the world!

This free investment will only take 2 hours or less and can be taken on campus!
The on-campus first sessions are on 9th and 10th April at 14:30 pm and getting started is very simple!

More information about the test and registration are available on

All questions on the BAT evaluate aptitude rather than knowledge. This means you do NOT have to have a background in Finance in order to do well on the test. The test is anonymous which means employers cannot find your test results by searching for your name.

Don't miss the opportunity! See for yourself where the BAT can take you! (