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Finansgruppen was established as early as 1987 and is one of the most traditional student groups at NHH. With our 350 active members, we are also among the largest. We are dedicated to promoting an interest in finance among the school's students, regardless of their prior knowledge. Finansgruppen holds 2-3 lectures every semester, featuring speakers from the top tier of the business world.

In addition to lectures, we also organize highly popular excursions: Oslo in September, London in October, and New York in January. As a member of Finansgruppen, you can participate in all our events and apply for the excursions we arrange. The day-to-day operations and organization are managed by the group's board.

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Every day, Finansavisen provides you with news and Trygve Hegnar's editorial and good advice. A substantial Saturday newspaper every weekend! No Norwegian newspaper covers stock market news like we do.

Pareto is an independent and leading player in the Nordic market for financial services. The companies within the Pareto Group have offices in 16 cities across ten countries.

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Private Equity Day

Every fall, Finansgruppen at NHH organizes Private Equity Day. This is an excellent opportunity to become better acquainted with an industry that is not extensively covered at NHH, to hear directly...

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Finansgruppen, founded in 1987, is a well-established student group at NHH and one of the largest, boasting 350 active members. Our primary goal is to ignite an interest in finance among students, regardless of their background. We host 2-3 lectures each semester, featuring prominent speakers from the business world.