New York

Finansgruppen invites members to an educational and social trip to New York to visit global financial institutions. The trip includes daily company visits, as well as time for sightseeing, shopping, and much more. No prior knowledge is required, and students from all classes are welcome.
Experience New York

Experience the center of the global economy

Finansgruppen invites you to join us at the center of the global economy, namely New York. This is a unique opportunity to learn from global financial institutions and get to know an iconic city alongside fellow students. During the trip, we will have an exciting schedule with two company visits each day. Additionally, we will also allocate time for sightseeing, social events, and shopping.

During the company visits, you will, among other things, learn about how Norwegians experience their work routines abroad, understand how these companies operate, and witness some of the world's most impressive corporate facilities. No prior knowledge is required to join the trip, and students from all classes are welcome. The trip has a limited number of spots available, so it will be worthwhile to stay updated on application deadlines. Registration will take place around November-December, so keep an eye on our Facebook group, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Experience the world of finance

Finansgruppen, founded in 1987, is a well-established student group at NHH and one of the largest, boasting 350 active members. Our primary goal is to ignite an interest in finance among students, regardless of their background. We host 2-3 lectures each semester, featuring prominent speakers from the business world.